lördag 2 juli 2011

Ca 140 appar som är kompatibla med Dropbox

Dropbox - Compatible Apps Makes for Efficient Workflow

Here is a link to the list of 140 or so apps that are currently compatible:
Här är exempel på några av dem:


by Good.iWare Ltd.

A file reader app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Quickoffice (Quickoffice)

A robust Microsoft® Office productivity suite with integrated access to multiple cloud services.

Documents To Go (DataViz)

Documents To Go is a mobile Office suite that views, edits and creates Office Documents and PDFs

1Password (Agile Web Solutions)

1Password is the popular password manager for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

DropVox (Irradiated Software)

Dropbox + Voice Memos = DropVox. It's that simple.